Don't shoot - I'm autistic

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Jul 17 15:17:24 PDT 2021

we can ask him (Jacob Appelbaum) this.Was it really the abuse that got him fired ..."

I'd like to get a small credit here since I worked for a year or so to get him fired.

 or was there something he couldn't explain? I wonder why Jake is silent..."

I wonder why he's so silent about his Snowden-trove-sales to corpse-media outlets.

I respect his code skills, but his old coworkers said some bad things about him..."

Where there's rapey smoke maybe there is fire - like Wicked Leaks.

Julian Assange arrested in London on rape charges

GEOFFREY "sexual offence for a man to deliberately deceive a partner whose consent has been conditional upon his use of a condom" ROBERTSON

JULIAN " Being guilty of aggravated rape has nothing to do with our party" A. Broinowski. Wikileaks Party NSW candidate for au Senate. 2013.

But someone else who was close to him said that Tor's software was jealous of him, that's why.I think he's been silent for other reasons.i think these reasons should be made clear now..."

Hearsay - move to strike.

"... He's collecting documents for the Assange case, and he has to say some things now.

Where's Andy? He was running messages at the embassy like a cagey bee.

I'm tired of hearing the lies of crooks like Micahlee..."

Crooks like Craig and Julian could give all cypherpunk professors a bad name!

What time is he waiting to talk? ..."

Good question. And what time is love. 

"... People who don't respect him(Jake) talk about his coding skills, and they make fun of him saying he's (Appelbaum) married ..."

Batshit crazy here might know more about disrespecting Jake than I do. He's married to Karl Semitch.

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