ASSMANGE still needs killing ( My 20 sats )

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Jul 17 05:20:19 PDT 2021

Nazi-fag-moron and probable FBI informant - provocateur, Batshit , seems to have been against 
Assmange before he was for him.

Talking about this...

"... Mr Assange agreed that some level of privacy was necessary for the successful operation of the military ..."

JULIAN " ‘[The military] protects the sovereignty of Australia. It protects the independence of Australia.' ASSANGE July, 2013

Then said Nazi-fag-moron and probable FBI informant - provocateur, Batshit, seemed happy enough to mock Jacob Appelbaum  - at least till he showed up in person. 

Our resident " Agent Truther " could also be an incredibly chickenshit coward.

We already knew he couldn't back up any of his bullshit.

But enough idle chatter - business calls - Julian Rand Paul Military fellator Assmange still needs killing bu anyone willing to stump up a few crypto's.

If he's still alive this time next year I could be in a position to match your deadpool donations.

Its a great time to be a cypherpunk revolutionary - not so great if you're a walking corpse journalist.

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