JIM Bell is now a giant dead weight on our great cypherpunk revolution

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jul 15 18:33:11 PDT 2021

On indulgence - lets put to *another* side the quality of activism ledger. 

Lets open the books on anti-social criminality.

As you argued in your AP essay it would not be ' Wild in the Streets ' chaos. I take that to mean you distinguish between anarchism and anti-social criminality. 

Like most of us; I certainly hope so. Onto the alleged crimes of Julian Rand Paul ASSHAT.

Unless c-punks are defending the right to break and enter computers at will it appears there may be a case to answer here.

If found guilty in an Au court any priors relevant to a charge may then be read.  JA has priors for breaking and entering computers. 

US courts may be different - but could still work in this information somehow. Much as in the Ross Ulbricht case. Once some evidence is seen its hard to unsee.

So long as the USG continues to exist ( despite yours and mines best efforts ) it can carry on legal proceedings as it wishes. Yes?

Anyone serious about saving JA should be an APster enthusiast by now - come ON!

The computer intrusion case cited may be a little shaky since Bradass was on the pointy end, which brings us to the added extra's.

Espionage - he's not American - I hear you - but spies get shot, hung etc all the time as foreigners.  Julius even claims to be a spy himself ( a spy for the people )

I expect the main charges here are aiding and assisting a fugitive suspected spy - Snowball - and encouraging Anon's to spy and leak for WL.

Something, I'm told professional journalists don't do.  These charges might be shaky as the first, and capable of graymailing aLa Joshua Shulte. 

But is any of this worth our while?

JA has identified as a fucking lowlife, scumbag CORPSE-MEDIA journalist for years now. He sold all his crypto. He is clearly washing his hands of cypherpunks and practicing vast amounts of social-distancing from crypto-anarchism.

He never raised a finger when the cops were locking you, Carl and I up. 

You look possessed by what you hate when you say this enemy of my enemy is my friend.
But that's your funeral. 
For me taking down the USG is strictly business - its not personal. 

Yes there are some anti-social crimes associated with crypto-anarchism - but not from me or anyone close to me and I'll tell you why.

Its bad for business - that's why. 

Associating cypherpunks with carpetbaggers and conartists is a recipe for disaster. 

Julio ( and Ross and Craig Wright! ) made their own bed - let them lie in it - alone. 

Their lies precede them and their graves lie open in front of them - revolutions famously devour their young, donchaknow. 

Bring on the Guillotine ( They got Capone for spitting on the sidewalk )

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