JIM Bell is now a giant dead weight on our great cypherpunk revolution

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jul 15 17:53:13 PDT 2021

Put to one side for the moment whether or not Assmange is fascist or not. 

Does his journalism or activism or ' cypherpunk revolution' , whatever justify our solidarity and support?

I would say, " No' , based on his record. He himself washed his hands of everything up to mid-2013 anyway.

( " I can rule from abroad " interview - July 2013 )

Then his anti-Hillary work was great and well worth supporting by all cypherpunks.

But the problem here is attribution.  That election was so close its hard to say if his contribution was decisive. 

Give him the benefit of the doubt and then new problems crop up with his closeness to Camp Trump.
Summing up - whatever small good he did in his active period - 2005 - 2019 its negated by the piles and piles of bad. 

Closer to Alex Jones and Hannity than Woodward and Bernstein.

Nothing really consequential to see here - sound and fury signifying nothing. 

A tale told by an idiot - and Pooter / LOL-GOP puppet.

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