Cuba and Haiti - US nazi turds like bell and grarpamp attacking them.

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>notice how the same US govt turd who wants starlink-NSA to wage electronic war against cuba tries to pose as the exact opposite of what he is. 

You said:
      "...wants starlink-NSA to wage electronic war against cuba..."

I'm  not suggesting that Starlink/SpaceX, AS AN ORGANIZATION should do anything, or potentially even necessarily know anything.  At least, do anything other than to provide the technical communications solution they are working on providing to most other locations on Earth.  
Instead, the people who would be trying to thwart the Cuban government would simply buy Starlink Internet service, and make it possible for people 'on the ground' in Cuba to communicate internationally (or nationally, within Cuba itself)  when the Cuban government doesn't want such communication to occur.
As long as the Starlink company is willing to sell Internet service to people who can be anywhere, and not merely at a fixed location, and WITHOUT needing the 'permission' of the region's purported 'government', it should work.  
For purposes of argument, consider three positions:
1.   The Starlink company actively tries to overthrow the Cuban government.             OR
2.   The Starlink company actively tries to PREVENT the Cuban government from being overthrown.    OR
3.   The Starlink company is willing to passively provide its communications service to all comers, to be used in Cuba without getting the permission of the Cuban government.

It wouldn't bother me if the Starlink company did Option 1.   But short of that, and at the very least, I want to see the Starlink company do Option 3, provide communications to/from/within Cuba, and not conditioning that on getting the Cuban government's permission.  

        Jim Bell

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