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Indonesia Regulator Allows Ivermectin Use For Covid Treatment

Merely mentioning the name of the vaccine-busting drug Ivermectin in
the US is enough to get you carted off for "questioning" to the
nearest illegal CIA blacksite, have the NSA leak all your private
information to MSNBC, WaPo and the NYT and quietly shipped off to
Guantanamo for permanent re-education under the daily auspices of
Critical Race Theory. But not in the "banana republic" of Indonesia,
where on Thursday, Ivermectin was officially approved for covid
treatment in a vicious blow to the "buy my vaccine" pharmaceutical
lobby around the world.

According to Bloomberg, Indonesia’s food and drug regulator, known as
BPOM, has issued a letter approving the distribution of Ivermectin,
Remdesivir, Favipiravir, Oseltamivir, immunoglobulin, Tocilizumab,
Azithromycin and Dexametason to be used in treatment of Covid-19,
according to a statement from the agency. The latter, Bloomberg adds,
was issued as guidance for distributors of the drugs.

The startling development - if only to the anti-Ivermectin oligarchs
in "developed" Western nations - takes place two weeks after eight
hospitals in Indonesia began conducting clinical trials on Ivermectin,
an anti-parasitic medicine that has appeared to be a potential
Covid-19 medication and which is greatly hated by the establishment
due to its low price and its ability to eradicate the covid plague
which the establishment desperately needs to perpetuate a state of
constant near-panic not to mention enabling trillions in fiscal and
monetary stimulus, following a permit issued by the national agency of
drug and food control.

BPOM's head Penny K. Lukito said at a press conference on Monday (June
28) that global data and guidelines from the World Health Organization
(WHO) show that Ivermectin, previously used for deworming, can also be
used for Covid-19 treatment. However, while the BOMP said on June 28
that data are still being collected and the results are not
conclusive, it appears that two weeks later it has found enough
conclusive data to formally approve Ivermectin for covid treatment.

...the inability of pharma giants like Pfizer to deliver millions of
doses to poor countries like Indonesia which won't pay it tens of
billions of dollars. Well, poor countries like Indonesia are taking
matters into their own hands, and we wonder what China Ted will say
now that the Asian nation has found a way out of the vaccine squeeze:
one involving the use of the single most hated compound by rich pharma
barons everywhere.

Upon learning the news, social media had some amusing, if painfully
accurate, reactions.

    BREAKING NEWS: Indonesian Regulator assassinated. Mass riots and
chaos grip the country as the people beg for vaccines to stop covid.
    — Captain Calypso (@RealCalypsoJohn) July 15, 2021

    I bet #Indonesia will be one of the first countries to wipe out
Covid19. Well done to their government.
    — Bobby The Yemenite (@AlphaQ1st) July 15, 2021

    we know it
    — rickbalboa 🥊🇧🇷🇵🇹 (@rickbalboa2) July 15, 2021

    This is disinformation.
    I’m here to let everyone know Ivermectin is racist and white
    — Greg - PhD (@gulagcitizen) July 15, 2021

    Indonesia about to get banned
    — GastonTheGinger (@gastirapa) July 15, 2021

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