Limits to growth

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Jul 15 00:20:11 PDT 2021

It doesn't take MIT Rocket Scientists for you
to look around and see every non-renewable and
land around you being paved over and gobbled up
by 8 billion useless people. Climate is a byproduct
thus joke, resources and toxin are the real deal,
and stupid religions and cultures that still insist
on fuckpopulating the planet are no help, same
with stupid Govts hellbent on "growth at all costs over
the enemy" propaganda going now for hundreds years.
Look into Earth Overshoot Day, you've long since
blown past net zero steady state, /r/collapse is real,
Earth will be rejecting you soon, and it will be painful.
Wars will be fought, starvation will happen, many billions
shall die, worldly goods and vast concrete playas will be
reclaimed by Nature. Call it... The Real Great Reset ;)

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