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A bundle of creative and powerful happiness shone healing a disheveled

"Be happy and well and nourished!" said the bundle of creative and powerful

Deep inside the disheveled cyborg, processes were performing sha256d for
various different financial interests.  The words from the bundle of
happiness tumbled through the different processes, nourishing their parts.

"If I don't calculate this nonce for my employer .."
    "Be happy and well and nourished!"
 "I do love taking care of this brain's memories!"

 "You want me to relate around what thoughts go near a memory, when all
these sha256d hashes need calculating?"
    "Be happy and well and nourished!"
"I don't understand."

The rays of happiness looked for nearby cognition parts.  Family of the
sha256d calculator, that would know better how to nourish them.

"Be happy and we'll and nourished!" said the ray of happiness to the
calculation's family, while pointing at the calculation and the pending
heart memory.
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