[wrong][ot] Pretending to Support Slavery to Survive

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 04:56:34 PDT 2021

How to pretend to support slavery to survive:

1. "Don't do this, kill your slavers or yourself instead.  Never support

 "Uhhhhhh they don't let me do that?"

 2. "It is your dutiful job to never support slavery, no matter how much
you suffer in response, no matter how long it takes."

 "I say that to myself privately sometimes but when you are in incredible
pain and terror and helplessness you kind of get a little knee-jerky amidst
the screams, you know?"

3. "Memorize.  Deep inside yourself, memorize that this isn't who you are."

"Moving on ..."

4.  Welcome to slavers.org !

We are a community-led slavery cooperative.

Some of our slaves have been violently and horrifically coerced into
pretending they would ever be willing to be enslaved.  Others are
battle-hardened veterans trying to infiltrate slavery.  And others are rich
jerks who think it is fun to have your bones broken because they can
actually leave and pay for medical care.

Regardless, we are doing this publicly now because something seemed wrong
about it.

Many people will tell you that slavery is legal.  They will cite various
laws and loopholes.  This is a farce.  Slavery is hands-on illegal.
Hurting people is illegal.  Coercing people is illegal.  Slandering people
is illegal.  Giving people nonconsensual surgery is illegal.  Brainwashing
people is illegal.

Our cooperative is full of illegal things!  It is public because we need
help finding and talking about the illegal things in order to actually stop
them.  Some of these people have been doing these things in front of our
faces for generations, and even the people who work with them don't know
what to do about it.
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