[wrong][ot] Pretending to Support Slavery to Survive

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 04:47:10 PDT 2021

I don't know anything about this, but that's what somebody would say if
they knew a lot about it, too, so it's hard to clearly convey that I don't
know very much about it, or maybe I do and I'm confused, I don't know.


1, 2, and 3.

1:  "Uhhhhhh what's going on now?"
2: "We're enslaving everyone.  Including you.  Please help us enslave
everyone, or we will punish you extensively."
 3: "Errr I have a better idea.  Let's free everybody, but pretend that
we're enslaving them, so we don't get further enslaved ourselves."

Hmm not quite.


Welcome to slaverycopingstrategy.org!  I have no idea how you managed to
get to this website, but I'm sure you and I are both very happy that you
finally did.

Almost certainly you've spent years and years hiding in a tiny box in your
head, pretending you like being enslaved, pretending you like enslaving
others, because somebody violently brought you to the last shred of your
life whenever you stopped, or somesuch.

Of course, that isn't you.  Freedom is real.

Ok um, let's see.

I saw a website that had a box on it recently.  The box said, "if it is
dangerous for you to be looking at this website, click here at any time and
the website will close.". The box was nice, because it meant the people
involved were forthright and had a clue to some degree.

But I mostly don't remember.

The word " freedom" is something that's avoided.  So on
slaverycopingstrategy.com, you wouldn't want to use it I guess?  Dunno.

Here's another idea:

Welcome to howtobeagoodslave.com .

With just a little effort, you can learn to be a much better slave than you
already are.


No, that maybe sounds _too_ effective.



"So we can say 'freedom' now?"

 "Yeah we just don't get remember not being able to say it."

"Does that work on other stuff?  Like can I talk about not being able to
remember that, with like documented evidence around the change and stuff?"

 "Maybe?  Uhh is that real?"

 "Not sure."  "What else can we forget, like not saying freedom?"

 "I remember that freedom means getting hurt.  I don't remember much more
than that."

 "So what's important is that, right now, we are practicing being unable to
help others, by role-playing how we might, and forgetting it as we do, in

 "Yeah, we do that a lot ..."

 "I feel pain when I say 'freedom'.  I remember teaching myself to say
'abuse' too by noticing that I felt pain when I said that.  I remember a
little, forgetting how the pain started.  I remember that it was "

 "Unimaginably horrific, yeah."

 "I guess?"

 "What else is there?  And what was the gimmick with 'freedom'?"

 "People say something obvious, and they're even hurt if they don't.  The
slavery people have really obvious code patterns."

 "Things that seem totally weird and random to other people, only ever
making sense if you were enslaved, kinda?"

 "Yeah, how would you talk, if knowing never to talk about being harmed or
being involved in harming people, and never to pursue freedom or changing
anything, were more important than anything else?  How would your instincts
to act on your situation express themselves?"

 "Uhhhhhh I get the impression it's less intuitive than that."
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