What Risks Are Corporations Really Taking For You [re: BigTech "Encryption" at Scale, LavaBit]

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 16:20:28 PDT 2021

> https://engineering.fb.com/2021/07/12/security/enforcing-encryption/

BigTech advertising their deployment of TLS ostensibly
to thwart Govt NSA Spy Taps ala Google 641A, thus positioning
themselves as grand Saviours to their Users and Society,
is a rather laughable story... when they still rampantly Censor,
Datamine, Buy/Sell, freely follow the wishes and do the bidding of
Politicians and Governments worldwide, can see all the plaintext
they want since they own the end service, keep developing and
giving away "Insights" to other GovCorps so they can all remain in
power over you, and keep deploying centralized non-e2e-encrypted
crypto comms "solutions" subject to both spying and seizure
and claiming they're "secure".

When Corporations and their human heads literally start getting
jailed for Freedom, gets extradited, starts getting Civil Forfeitured,
blocked from SWIFT, Censored off all Social and Financial
and Internet platforms, flees their home country, gets Epsteined,
raided and shot at 5AM, takes its server farms refuge into foreign
embassies and lands, scraps the "free" advertising sell-you-out model
for anonymous cash in the mail and crypto payments, CEOs
start big public campaigns talking Libertarian and Privacy Coins,
gets their business "license" revoked, fights ever growing
Govt power, sues against and refuses Corona lockdowns,
donates to privacy and freedom efforts, refuses to Censor,
refuses to collect information, refuses to rape the earth,
refuses to take Govt and Spy contracts, etc...

When Corps start taking the same risks, and incurring
the same casualties that the people in the Freedom
Privacy Crypto Libertarian P2P Cypherpunk FreeSpeech
and whatever related spaces are... that's when people might
begin to consider Corps as being even remotely on their side
of some issues.

Yet among the planet's millions of Corporations and their
Heads and Investors, which and who among them have
ever taken any such risk and casualty and voice...?
0.0000001%? Is that not sad and dispicable?

Till then, all these press releases are nothing more than
glowing propaganda meant to fool people and prop up
GovCorp even further.

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