The Guardian: Thousands march in Cuba in rare mass protests amid economic crisis

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jul 12 01:48:23 PDT 2021

> Starlink ... Internet

If mailing them in to some village won't get past customs,
float them to the shores, catapult, RC drone or balloon drop
them in, send in blueprints, RF buried in old AM radios, etc.
Be a tourist, discreetly drop USB full of info at every stop.

> 'Not liking' something presumes that you can evaluate the costs versus the
> benefits of a given technology.  Can that really be done, in an objective
> way?

They tried to claim that tools were inherently good/bad,
when that failed, they just censored the messenger
who correctly placed that responsibility upon the tool user,
thus they failed twice.

> I'd rather see a situation where a government can't even attempt to cut off
> the population from the world's Internet.

That future may be coming, after all most of the world has
some form of internet, gets pissed without it, and is not likely
to ever give it up.
Unfortunately, as with most all futures governments and
regions in the past, it's unlikely to be entirely bloodless,
always beginning and ending in the streets, protests,
battles, shots, etc.

> the United States, which spend approximately 20 million dollars a year on “democracy promotion” on the island.

The oppressed enslaved stolen from murdered and forcefully
ruled over haters of dictators always beg for democracy...
shame they are begging to install the same thing over
their heads as what they wish to escape.

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