1984: Exposed - BigTech FakeNews and Intel Agencies Annual Sun Valley Conference Bilderberg MOCKINGBIRD COINTELPRO Bohemian Allen

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Sun Jul 11 20:12:44 PDT 2021

Exposed - BigTech FakeNews and Intel Agencies Annual Sun Valley
Conference Bilderberg MOCKINGBIRD COINTELPRO Bohemian Allen


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ1kbam7vlk  SunValley Censor Prop and
Spy Conf w Mark Dice


Wake up you idiots... Wake The Fuck Up!

Top Secret Meeting of Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and Intelligence
Heads Is Taking Place This Week In Idaho

This week top-secret meetings are taking place between the top
communications firms in the US.  Big Tech, Mainstream Media (Big
Media), and the intelligence community are gathering to strategize on
how to consolidate their power over the information being force-fed to
the American people.

Mark Dice shares the following:

    Every time people talk about the Mainstream media conglomerates
secretly collaborating with each other.  Visions of smoke-filled rooms
and shadowy figures wearing expensive suits sitting around a table
come to mind.  Well, this may be an exaggerated expectation at the
behind-the-scenes look at the issue, but it isn’t all that far from
the truth.

    Every July since 1983 a small group of media moguls, tech titans,
investors, politicians, and intelligence agency insiders, all gather
in the small town of Sun Valley, Idaho, for a week of meetings to
develop the consensus regarding policies for Mainstream media, social
media, and emerging communications technology.

    It’s basically like the Bilderberg meeting for media and since
tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and YouTube have become
major players in the media industry, they all come together each year
in Sun Valley trying to make sure no emerging platforms can threaten
their power…

Mark is one of the great voices on YouTube that was targeted and
censored since 2016.  He was too effective.  The above video is an
example of his fabulous work.
Americans need to break free of these information-controlling
entities.  New media is the answer.  Individuals like Mark and sites
like The Gateway Pundit are flourishing as Americans want the truth.

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