Cypherpunks as victims bs

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Jul 10 04:10:39 PDT 2021

"...And what since then is now the compendium of vision of future,
what should it be about...?
Digtal Utopias, Prediction Markets, Private Cryptocurrency, CrowdFunding,
Cornucopias full of unstoppable P2P apps for all, SeaSteads FarmLands,
Peace Love Liberty and Freedom from Force for Everyone in your Lifetime? ..."

Clap hands if you believe in Randite, Paultard, Austro-Libertarian FAIRIES.

Gasbagging, timewasting chickenshit pinheads - like you Gramps - and your Nazi Fag Moron BFFS, Semich and Batshit - try and drag cypherpunks back to the Mongoloid Dark Ages  - but the crypto-anarchist future keeps happening.  Youse keep losing. 

Btw - Phil Zimmerman disassociated himself from the Mongoloids. You obscurantist morons can't lie straight in bed.  Fuck your crude noise disinformation hustle , fuck your moron friends here and FUCK YOU.

When I catch up with you YOU'RE DEAD.

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