USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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Fri Jul 9 22:30:24 PDT 2021

Tucker Carlson vs NSA...  Tucker vs NSA  Tucker vs NSA  Tucker vs NSA

Biden Says He Has NO IDEA What He Is Signing! Biden Puppet Signs Anything Biden Puppet Signs Anything Biden Puppet Signs Anything
Kamala, Party, Wife, Aides, Minders routinely
seen puppeteering the US President.
Democrat Frauds.

Internet Viewpoints on...
Biden Kneels Self-Subjugates Embarasses Disgraces Not-Leadership... Biden Fogged Biden: What am I doing?

Biden and Harris both dissed the US Memorial Day and Fourth of July...

Socialism CRT-Wokeism and Force are so depressing that no one shows up
to its rally...
Joe Biden struggled to engage any Americans on the Fourth of July
As he squinted and stumbled through a 15 minute speech on the White
House lawn that was solely devoted to fear mongering about COVID,
fewer than 20,000 people joined the YouTube livestream.
That equates to around 0.006% of the population.
Yet he received a record 81 million votes in the election, apparently.
The figure is also less than half the number of people who attended
President Trump's huge Independence Day rally in Florida on Saturday.
In addition, a whopping 375,000 tuned in live to watch Trump's event.

Biden was later overheard asking "what am I doing?"

Woke Fail... Fake BLM leader already left earlier for her $million mansions...
1619 Project Creator Nikole Hannah-Jones Rejects UNC Tenure Offer

Biden apologist CNN tries to get FOX to ban Tucker Carlson.

US and RU Failed... Taliban to Retake Afghanistan Within Months.

Tucker: NSA planned to leak my emails to media outlets  Tucker: NSA Disclosed My Emails SpyVeillance: People are Concerned  NSA Spying on US Citizens  Glenn Greenwald on NSA Styx's Pussy Responds

A thread bashing one side for fun and point,
equally applicable to any other ruling side in its time and turn.
The better susceptability of either to freedom, any leverage
allies or converts to it, yours to find. Some people now
seeing and waking via the internet to the ruling mess
infesting the world, and they are seeking, some are now
finding and moving to Libertarian sphere via that same internet...

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