Zimmerman not a cypherpunk - Finney not a libertarian

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jul 7 21:59:47 PDT 2021

To counter lies spread by known NAZBOL turd, John Young on this list.

For the record Phil Zimmerman specifically distanced himself from the Cypherpunks and Hal Finney from Libertarianism.

This is to stop any nocoiner, mischief-making, KNOWN FASCIST from obscuring the true history of cryptoanarchy.

All Marxists hate all anarchists and so no Marxist arsehole ( like John Young ) or 'recovering Marxist " ( like James Arsehole Donald ) can be trusted in any anarchist space. 

They've been physically attacking us since 1917.  We have a right to destroy all those who would destroy us.

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