Assange's Prosecution

Peter Fairbrother peter at
Wed Jul 7 09:31:56 PDT 2021

On 07/07/2021 16:58, David Barrett wrote:
> It wasn't dropped:
> <>

I didn't say it was, but

Yes, the rape investigation was, finally, dropped on 19 Nov 2019, 6 
months after it was reopened in May 2019 as per your link. I believe it 
can't be reopened again without major hassles in Sweden.

Assange wasn't ever detained for more than a few hours on the rape 
allegations  - he got bail, which he famously skipped.

Then embassy, arrested again, was sentenced to imprisonment for 50 weeks 
for breaking bail which sentence he has served, and he is now detained 
but not imprisoned pending appeal on the US extradition charges.

Peter Fairbrother

> They did temporarily while he was hiding in the embassy (again, he was 
> hiding from Sweden, not the US -- Obama didn't try to arrest him, Sweden 
> did, and Assange ran), but now that he's out of hiding, it's reopened.
> David
> On Wed, Jul 7, 2021, 2:31 AM Peter Fairbrother <peter at 
> <mailto:peter at>> wrote:
>     On 07/07/2021 09:27, David Barrett wrote:
>      > (Though Assange is actually imprisoned in the UK for skipping
>     bail by
>      > hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy for years to avoid rape
>     charges --
>      > which is a completely different matter that still needs to be
>     settled.)
>     Perhaps so in actuality, but in law he has already served his sentence
>     for breaking bail.
>     At present he is detained pending an appeal by the US against the
>     refusal of his extradition. Unsurprisingly he is considered a flight
>     risk, and has been refused bail.
>     Peter Fairbrother

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