Assange's Prosecution

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Jul 7 07:11:09 PDT 2021

> Though Assange is actually imprisoned in the UK for skipping bail by
> hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy for years to avoid rape charges --
> which is a completely different matter that still needs to be settled.


- The UK bail thing is finished with 50wks sentence served.
- The SE things were all recanted and or dropped.

Only thing worse than States, are lying States Apologists.
And dirty leftists propping known liars and recanters
like CNN and NYT. Among lots of other bullshit.

> But Chelsea Manning was facing 135 years in prison, and
> served only seven

How convenient to the claim that "justice system is fair and right"
to not mention she was sentenced to 35 years, that the 7 was
lucky, that both she and the UN reported she was tortured,
drove her to suicide multiple times, fined her hundreds of thousands
of dollars, locked her away in solitary multiple times, violated her
right to free speech and incrimination by forcing her to testify,
etc... and that after Obama himself tainted her trial, after the long
nightmare that he and "justice" put her through, that asshole didn't
even offer a word of apology, but that he was "comfortable" with it
and that he felt himself "appropriate", while at the same time issuing
another threat against and trying to cancel the Freedom of Speech.
And the Republicans rhetoric toward her was as vile as the system.

All for a little much needed Sunshine and Free Speech
exposing and embarassing the crimes and ridiculousness
of the State.

> I think we all agree

Whoever "we" is, they probably don't, but nice try, lol.

> Manning was facing 135 years
> why .. assume ... Assange is going to face a greater sentence

Add it up, see if the 175 years the internet likes to
quote is correct or not.

> first amendment principles.

Prosecutors of Free Speakers probably don't know or care
much about the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, or any other either, let
alone the US Declaration of Independence, or things that
paper has no right over. Chances are they probably advocate
for mass censorship, just like Leftists, Democrats, Socialists,
Communists, and Biden supporters are doing in this
censorship cycle.

> written him a letter

Since you like to blast out election influence letters to
your unexpecting captive audience telling them to vote
for Biden the Murderer, then yes go blast out some
letters telling them to write @potus @doj @congress
@judicial @media @tech @* to ... #FreeAssange,
who just so happened to expose politicians and their
Collateral Murder.

> "I am going to tweet ... to clear the way for him
> to face Justice in Sweden."

This latest attempt at slandering Assange already got
officially shot down by the SE justice system, same with
what the internet noted as US and UK attempts to twist SE
into doing a bogus prosecution for them. Leave well enough
that after more witness interviews some justice happened to
finally stop whatever such abuse.
Yet seems people in some "movements" are still trying.

There's also legal differences between "charges/charged",
"wanted for interview", etc.

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