Cryptocurrency: The Miracle Cure for the Medical Firewall

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Jul 6 19:26:07 PDT 2021

> Bad idea.  The continuance of Big Medicine is leading to the downfall
> of the human race as it gets dependent on such institutionalized
> solutions.  Remember we've survived without it.  If people are so
> worried about their health, they could bust ass and fix their diseased
> society, couldn't they?

Sure. Though nothing here was about
continuing BM, but of replacing legacy mandatory
directions and force of topdown [incl govt] BM with
voluntary bottom up choices and contributions.
Therein fund and use whatever medical you want
to use or make available for others, including charity,
leave others free to do the same, including
being free to do and partake of nothing at all.
Life is interesting, death is normal.

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