Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment - Stundin

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Jul 6 00:51:12 PDT 2021

> I'm in total support of prosecuting whatever crimes
> have been revealed by Assange.

Did you spam all your employees and customers and their
employees to tell them that... and include a link to the
Collateral Murder video evidence of crime, and link them to
the other crimes revealed by the other Free Speakers, and tell
them to learn even a little about alternatives such as the
NAP Voluntaryism Libertarian and Anarchism, instead of say...
telling your captive audience to vote for murdering politicians...
like you did "in total support of" Biden, who has spent his
entire 50 years in political life literally voting to murder people
and voting to continue $tealing more from you in order to prop
and feed his murderous existence and that of his crony pals.

> But this thread isn't about those; it's about prosecuting Assange
> for the crimes raised against him.

Apparently the only ones that haven't yet recanted or dropped
or been manufactured, are the US Govt and its charges
of Speaking Freely against the King.

Kings in history never did like that,
the penalty being prison and death.
Seems today's Kings are no different.
Perhaps it's time to find and learn about
ways to live freely without such Kings.

> You should sell a NFT.

Got some XMR or ZEC?
What's your fancy and bid?

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