Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment - Stundin

David Barrett dbarrett at
Mon Jul 5 16:45:37 PDT 2021

> You say you want to investigate all the criminal things: how is it
> "equality under the law" in the slightest to focus only on Assange and not
> all the things he revealed that could inform his proceedings?

I'm in total support of prosecuting whatever crimes have been revealed by
Assange.  But this thread isn't about those; it's about prosecuting Assange
for the crimes raised against him.

How is it "equality under the law" to bring him to trial without fair
> opportunity to form a defense?

He has had nearly a decade to prepare a defense.  However, even ignoring
all that, there are literally millions of people who prepare a defense
after they have been arrested -- that is not something unique to Assange,
that's basically the common case.  People don't typically have the luxury
of preparing a defense before arrest; only Assange does because he has fled
the law for years.

Not Biden: that should be normal for due process.  I don't know the laws to
> know that well, but there's probably one there already.

Are you suggesting there should be a legal process that results in innocent
people being pardoned?  I think there is: *it's called the courts*.  I'm
genuinely struggling to understand what you are suggesting, and I truly do
want to.  You on one hand seem to be wholly opposed to our current court
system trying Assange, and clamoring for an alternate system that -- so far
as I can tell -- is no different than the court system you are criticizing.

I would love to find even a single point of common ground on which to build.

You said "we would charge him with sexual stuff _after_ the higher stakes
stuff was resolved if needed" -- so just to confirm I understand this.  You
are saying you support Sweden pursuing sexual assault claims against
Assange once he is released from UK prison, assuming they continue
rejecting the US claims for extradition?


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