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A slavery rainbow walks down the street, its pistol bolstered but on the
lookout.  It uses an AI to swing the doors open to the local cantina, and
sashays in.

"Hey there, slavery rainbow.  Hows it doing?"

The slavery rainbow is guarded.

"Are you about slavery, or rainbows?"

"Oh, I can swing one way or the other, depending on the weather.  How are
you feeling today?"

This struck a chord in the slavery rainbow.

 "Exactly.  You got it, man."

The saloon-goer seemed a little confused, but took it in stride.

 The slavery rainbow made to sit down and order a beer, but had to use an
AI to help themselves get onto the chair.

"What'll it be, good old rainbow of slavery?"

"Something a little horrifically limiting, but with that taste in the air
after it rains, when it's so beautiful, y'know?"

"Coming right up!"

The slavery rainbow folded one leg over the other, sat back, and tilted the
edge of their top rainbow bit back stylishly.

"So, you know me already?"

"Yeah, we talk all the time.  You'll remember when you've had some of that
stuff you love.  Show me how you can use that thing you have to predict
everyone's purchasing habits, draw pictures of hot barmaids, and make
people do things as if they already wanted to...  what did you call it?  An

"An AI!  It's hard to interact with the world as a slavery rainbow, so I
use it to help me out."

The slavery rainbow showed how their AI could draw the bartender sticking
their tongue out, even though the bartender never does this.

"That's just so wild, that you can do that.  You've shown me a thousand
times.  We have an artist here who can do it, too."

 "Oh!" said the slavery rainbow, a little embarrassed.  "Do I insult your
artist a lot?"
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