oramfs - ORAM filesystem written in Rust

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 13:40:10 PDT 2021

> Hidden volumes solve for any type of coerced decryption.

That's what a rubber hose attack is.

> I can use Tahoe-LAFS for personal backup and it'll be encrypted, but
> it wont have ORAM. Most academic work on ORAM is in the context of a
> centralized cloud service provider. ORAM was not invented in absence
> of a threat, but it may be applied to a system with no benefit.
> Here's an example statement from https://arxiv.org/pdf/1605.09779.pdf
> "ObliviSync: Practical Oblivious File Backup and Synchronization"
> "ORAM is a powerful tool that solves a critical problem in cloud
> security. Consider a hospital which uses cloud storage to backup their
> patient records. Even if the records are properly encrypted, an
> untrusted server that observes which patient files are modified will
> learn sensitive medical information about those patients. They will
> certainly learn that the patient has visited the hospital recently,
> but also may learn things like whether the patient had imaging tests
> done based on how large the file is that is updated. Moreover, they
> might learn for instance that a patient has cancer after seeing an
> oncologist update their records. This type of inference, and more, can
> be done despite the fact that the records themselves are encrypted
> because the access pattern to the storage is not hidden".
> Karl, pleasure writing to you, I hope you understand a bit better why
> I'm asking about ORAM-FS's benefits.

I hear you asking with an eye towards when a large business or government
might find it efficient to use.

I don't understand why you are asking this.  I observed you didn't share a
threat model.

Oramfs is actually completely pluggable under the hood.  What do you think
about expanding it so it can do non-obfuscated encryption if desired?

This would be incredibly easy to add.
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