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Hi PunkBStasi,

The things you say don't seem consistent to me, but I am a very confused
person physically addicted to my gmail app.

        Everything is criminalized in the US. I'm not talking about other
> places at the moment.
>         So again, the key fact is that the most basic personal rights are
> violated by 100,000 of US 'laws'. Which in turn means that any

apologist of the US 'justice' system, like barrett, is an apologist of
> organized crime on a global scale.

I don't agree with your logic here, but do you think I disagree with your
view?  My 'PD' psychotic-story was about the US.

>         As if their 'laws' were not criminal and insane enough, the 'laws'
> > > themselves are applied in a completely criminal way. There is NO DUE
> > > PROCESS in the US.
> >
> >
> > Sometimes we stumble and accidentally let somebody have due process.
> What
> > would you tear down first?  How would you build it differently?
>         there's tons of literature on that.

Which does more: an unread book, or a meme people are talking about?

I'm asking you so I can figure out how to support your experiences.  I
don't know what you want, and it seems very hard to learn.

>         In the US, innocent people are tortured and extorted in order to
> > > get fake 'confessions'. This also shows what sort of idiotic joke so
> called
> > > US 'constitutional guarantees' are.
> >
> >
> > It's worse if you happen to have one of the photos of a popular
> billionaire
> > loosing a machine gun into a crowd of third world civilians.
>         I don't think that's necessarily true. I mean, assange is getting
> the same treatment that any poor/brown/black guy in the US gets. Assange is
> obviously a more 'valuable' US military target so they are using more
> resources against him, but assange is better defendend than the average
> poor/brown/black guy in the US, so assange and the average poor/brown/black
> victim of US attrocites are more or less equaly fucked. Both will get no
> justice.

I guess I'd tentatively agree with you here.  Not always the case.

We think of whistleblowers because they can help us change it, and our
neighbors because they get hurt so badly.

> Over here, we torture and extort innocent people to maintain power.  Over
> > here, we caringly rescue people in desperate need, and people come in
> > massive throngs from other countries to be rescued.
>         what. That's the worst kind of garbage you can make up. Some
> people move to the US because they are fucktards who care about money and
> the US is place where getting (looted) money is easier. You do NOT rescue
> anybody. Rather you put 'illegal' immigrants in concentration camps, after
> you razed their countries to the ground and murdered millions.

People who come from war-torn areas appreciate our relative peace.  Foreign
war is very real and very harsh and actually stimulates our economy.
People happy to be living in an unimaginable fantasy world where there is
no longer constant legitimized killing, pay taxes and work jobs reliably.

It looks like most of the real, solid antislavery work relates to people
coming from overseas.  Much easier to talk publicly and safely about.

> Partly funded by
> > billionaires and government arms.  People also move between the two
> groups.
> >
> > So why are you complaining via one of the same mediums that is causing
> what
> > you complain about?
>         what - I'm not complaining. I am stating facts. Not sure what
> 'medium' you're referring to? The fucking arpanet?

Your facts are possibly a little summarised.

Yes, how are your points helped by what you are saying into the arpanet's
giant moneyai?

> => You're saying the legal system is not functioning as advertised, is
> > mostly and clearly not producing justice, and we have a lot of clear
> > evidence of this. <= - punk's post here
> >
> > I think?
>         Yes, I think the FACTS speak for themselves.

Facts live forever and act once free people understand them.  Thanks for
confirming that I need to understand it better.

>From punk to david:
The legal system is not functioning how you claim it is.  It is clearly not
producing justice, and we have a _lot_ of clear evidence of this.

That's the real reason to protect Assange and everyone else, too.  If David
knows the legal system well, maybe they could help us learn how to work
with it more safely.

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