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Is anyone aware of this being true?  Who is doing it?


AI makes monitoring people much easier.  Not only via our words or facial
expressions, via our consumer behavior or interests.

But also, via our movement patterns.  Each one of us moves differently.
Our movement patterns are unique.

Weak radio waves can penetrate walls, but our bodies reflect them.  Using
this data, an AI can be trained to identify our movements.

The AI can translate our movement patterns to little stick figures.  Once
registered, the AI can even identify us behind a wall.

That means the AI does not only know where we are.  The AI can also
distinguish what we are doing, whether we are standing, or eating.

It really comes close to magic.  Hello, Harry Potter!  And hello,
surveillance state.

The next page is also interesting.  (Then after it starts talking about
policy like secure open source.)

AI influences public opinion-forming and the media.  Our public sphere has
become fragmented.

Borders between private and public communication are blurry.
User-generated content is rich but polarized and often privatized on closed

New players and sources make special-interest-content popular and visible,
and, thus, important for mass media.

[Some], for example, use AI bots, too, to spread hate and fake news in
social media and, ultimately, mass media.

Social media-users receive AI-personalized content of political
organizations, based on users' personality profiles.

Could we, in turn, use AI to enable better opinion-forming - and identify
those who benefit from current AI tools?
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