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A borg soldier came into a community of "villainous" school children.

"Hello!" said the borg soldier as they level their weaponry.  "I'm here to
kill you!  Please stand still why I do!"

"Ahhh! Don't kill us"

 "Die!!!" said the borg soldier.  They released volleys of missiles from
their weaponry, but jerked at the last moment so that the missiles all
destroyed the ceiling and a wall of Windows.

"Why are you trying to kill us?"

"Be mute for the rest of your life!"

 The borg soldier aimed the missiles at the room's audio system.  It
exploded quickly.

"Run away!  Run away!"  Many of the children began playing the "run for
your life" game with the borg soldier, but others had an idea.

"You don't want to kill us, do you.  You keep aiming your terrifying
missiles away.  But you're still a little too dangerous for us to really
stay alive."
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