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>         US has the highest incarceration rate on the planet, 5 times
> higher than china.

This sounds familiar, I'll believe it.  China also has atrocities of course.

        US nazis have re-defined the most basic human rights as 'crimes' -
> see for instance their 'war on drugs'

'war on sharing detailed information between people who are different'.
More basic.  Not specific to the US.

        As if their 'laws' were not criminal and insane enough, the 'laws'
> themselves are applied in a completely criminal way. There is NO DUE
> PROCESS in the US.

Sometimes we stumble and accidentally let somebody have due process.  What
would you tear down first?  How would you build it differently?

        In the US, innocent people are tortured and extorted in order to
> get fake 'confessions'. This also shows what sort of idiotic joke so called
> US 'constitutional guarantees' are.

It's worse if you happen to have one of the photos of a popular billionaire
loosing a machine gun into a crowd of third world civilians.

Over here, we torture and extort innocent people to maintain power.  Over
here, we caringly rescue people in desperate need, and people come in
massive throngs from other countries to be rescued.  Partly funded by
billionaires and government arms.  People also move between the two groups.

So why are you complaining via one of the same mediums that is causing what
you complain about?

        “Earlier this year an opinion for the Supreme Court by Justice
> Anthony Kennedy noted a stunning and often overlooked reality of the
> American legal process: a vast majority of criminal cases – 97 percent of
> federal cases, 94 percent of state cases – are resolved by guilty pleas.
> Criminal justice today is for the most part a system of pleas, not a
> system, of trials.”

The only people telling you what you can do, have the legal system as their
only job.

>         ----------
>         See karl, that's the sort of thing you should be telling to the
> non-human criminal turd david barrett.

Thanks.  It's still kind of over my head.

=> You're saying the legal system is not functioning as advertised, is
mostly and clearly not producing justice, and we have a lot of clear
evidence of this. <= - punk's post here

I think?
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