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Mon Jul 5 03:22:26 PDT 2021

A zombie borg concentration camp officer holds an innocent independent
journalist underwater, their spleen hanging out.  They have wires into
their muscles and brain, and are interrogating them via torture.

Officer: "So, you want to build a lock for your front door."

 Independent journalist, automatically translated by a computer from spasms
of intense suffering: "Yes!  Aren't  locks so cool?  I think I can make one
that takes twice as long to pick!"

 Officer: "Tell me, why do you want to lock your front door?"

 The zombie concentration camp presses a button and the independent
journalist's body spasms wildly.

Independent journalist's automatic translation: "?  To keep people from
breaking in?"

 Officer: "The people around us don't trust us, do they?  We have a lot of
things to hide?"

The officer presses the button again.  Large bubbles somehow rise from a
convulsing body disgorging blood into its surrounding fluid, and the
container shakes violently.

Independent journalist's automatic translation: "One moment, I am in severe
need of managing some injuries."

Zombie officer: "Take your time."

A minute or so passes.

Borg worker: "So, you claim you are a journalist, but you spend time trying
to lock your door?"
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