Cryptocurrency: Craig Wright Abuses Wrongness of Copyright Regime to Sham Ownership of Whitepaper

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Jul 4 14:01:01 PDT 2021

"A U.K. high court told it can no longer share the 2008
white paper that outlines what bitcoin is on its website," reports
Business Insider, "delivering a victory to Craig Wright, a computer
scientist who claimed he wrote the original document." Wright won the
copyright-infringement case he brought by default, after the website's
anonymous founder, known as Cobra, decided not to speak in his defense
in the proceedings in London. The ruling on Monday means
must take the document down from its website. It must also pay Wright
£35,000 ($48,600) toward legal costs, as well as put a notice of the
court's order on its website for six months, said Ontier, the law firm
representing Wright...

"This is an important development in Dr Wright's quest to obtain
judicial vindication of his copyright in his white paper," said Simon
Cohen, a senior associate at London-based Ontier... The Australian
computer scientist claimed to be the original author of the white
paper that was published in 2008 and describes what bitcoin is and how
it works. Ontier said Wright took Cobra to court in order to prevent
supporters of assets such as Bitcoin Core from using the white paper
to mis-represent those assets as bitcoin...

"I didn't turn up because I didn't want to expose my identity," Cobra
told Insider in a tweet.
Cobra shared more philosophical thoughts on Twitter: All your fiat
based assets are ultimately secured by the same legal system that
today made it illegal for me to host the Bitcoin whitepaper because a
notorious liar swore before a judge that he's Satoshi. A system where
'justice' depends on who's got the bigger wallet. I don't think you
could get a better advertisement of *why* Bitcoin is necessary than
what happened today. Rules enforced through cryptography are far more
superior than rules based on whoever can spend hundreds of thousands
of dollars in court.
In later tweets he added: Sucks when you have billionaires determined
to bury you in endless frivolous litigation... Normally it's the
person who owes money who runs and hides, but I've repeatedly reached
out to CSW to pay him his court ordered costs, and he doesn't seem to
want to receive it. Perhaps he is running away from his money so he
can make me in "contempt of court"?

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