US 'justice' system - paging karl.

Karl gmkarl at
Sun Jul 4 11:25:15 PDT 2021

Hey punk, I saw "paging karl".

I'm working on some code I offered to maintain some time ago, and doing
that is using most of my energy right now.

I'm still kind of recharging regarding political stuff and criticism and
all.  That's why I haven't replied to more posts on the list.

When I read things like "turd" applied to human beings, or perceive myself
as being encouraged to blame others or be angry at them, I tend to have a
pang of really really strong sadness.  It takes a lot of energy to ignore
that sadness and keep going.  I can burn out, but I'm pretty strong too
though =)

I was disappointed to not finish the 'pd' story, but that style of story
isn't really my thing anyway, so when I got off the state of mind I didn't
push it or anything.
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