BATSHIT Crazy acts as cheerleader for Rapist JEWliar Assmange

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Jul 4 10:22:43 PDT 2021

The same Julian Rand Paul Asshat that wanted to be a Senator before he wanted to be a nocoiner journalist ( Two of the most despised professions on the planet )

The same world-historical jackass - and BFF of Jacob Appelbaum - who said...

"... Mr Assange agreed that some level of privacy was necessary for the successful operation of the military ..."

JULIAN " ‘[The military] protects the sovereignty of Australia. It protects the independence of Australia.' ASSANGE July, 2013

Under der Fuhrer, Julius, Wikileaks promised the ' unvarnished truth ' - they delivered a basted Turkey called ' Collateral Murder ". 
Those not Batshit crazy like Gramps and Semich will see Julian wash his hands and practice social distancing from Iraq.  Just like he did with Snowden a month after he came out. 
Not a cypherpunks arsehole - and yet some here still kiss his lily arse. They must be completely BATSHIT CRAZY.

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