[wrong][joke][spam] popular dictator

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 14:10:51 PDT 2021

PD gets on a blockchain videosharing service.  Scads of excited community
hackers watch her feed, to make sure anything funny that happens is put in
the public record.

"I am honored to have this opportunity to talk with everyone about our
plans to take down blockchains.  We were going to co-opt them, but we're
planning to just take them down again."

 PD has a black eye.

"Oh this?  I punched myself in the eye, it's actually true!  Somebody was
even holding my punching arm while it happened!"

"With these hacker-folks help, I thought we would try to lobby some of the
lobbiers!  I can tell you, I know a _lot_ about lobbying effectively.  Look
deep into my eyes, you can tell."

"The thing to remember is that everybody up here is a criminal.  Absolutely
everybody.  The only reason anything ever happens, is become some criminal
uses unfair means to make it so.  So if anybody gives a normal-sounding
reason for anything, they're living.  And if I ever let down about
something, it means somebody is threatening or manipulating me and I'm
probably terrified.  Here we go!"
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