US war crimes (david barrett's crimes)

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Sat Jul 3 13:14:15 PDT 2021

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> Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> > >         You're not literally ignoring it, unlike barrett. But you
> didn't
> > > make any meaningful comment either. But fine, I'll take your
> > > not-too-responsive-replies as an acknowledgment of sorts.
> >
> >
> > Sounds partisan.  Isn't that kind of a waste of time, partisan stuff?
>         You're on the US govt party. Otherwise you'd make meaningful
> comments on the facts I'm presenting.

Still sounds partisan, man!

>         Your fake pretence of 'avoiding conflict' only means you're siding
> with barrett.

I'm vulnerable to that insult ('avoiding') right now, no good reply.

>        So again, although you're replying to the message, you don't seem
> > > to be paying attention to the fundamental facts that the messages
> contains,
> > > namely the completely criminal nature of your government and your
> country.
> > >
> >
> > The things I'm receiving from you don't make very meaningful sense to me.
>         uh oh - you know nothing about the endless list of crimes your
> govt your country and your democracy commits. Cool. Then again, you're a
> partisan in barrett's murder party.

Apologies for sending too many emails.  In a somewhat psychotic state of
mind atm.


Let's insult attacking so they don't attack us!

Gun comes along.
"I will shoot you!"

"Show me how gross the bulletwounds you make are!"

 Gun pauses.  Gun feels angry.
"I think I still want to shoot you!  I think?"
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