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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 12:48:30 PDT 2021

Spamming the list alleviates my need to disrepute myself, almost no matter
what I say!

I was daydreaming recently of exchanging pgp-signed messages with
grarpamp.  I'm always wondering how to get myself a pgp key, my brain is so
tired of wondering it.  Do you think grarpamp has a public key?  They seem
like they'd know how to use one if they did.

Like me, grarpamp demonstrates knowledge, use, and skills of things like
privacy technology, but I don't receive many messages from them actually
helping people use them.  Not many links to tools, no signatures on
messages, etc etc.  Grarpamp also links to youtube a lot which could
indicate they could have little free time for such things, obviously I have
no way of knowing for sure.

To exchange proper signed or possibly encrypted communications with
grarpamp, I would need four things.
- to have a private key myself
- to have grarpamp's public key
- to have a way of exchanging messages that got delivered
- to have a way of verifying key fingerprints

The first one is the hardest.  But the second item is also very hard!

Sometimes I imagine that I'm in some kind of internet bubble, and that's
why I see so few message signatures.  There is a lot of possible indication
of this.  But even if it's true, it matches my own experience that people
would be actually not using private keys, too.  It's hard to tell which.

It's also possible there are message signatures in those email headers.  I
usually zone out and forget that that's possible.

I don't think grarpamp is signing their emails.  But I don't know.  Maybe
punk is even signing their emails.  I don't know!

How could we set up a way to exchange keys with random people on the
internet we've never met and never really chat with?

How could I do this?

Maybe I could get them a physical object.  That would help a lot.  Or I
could meet them in some kind of online network that has more cryptographic

Regardless, if I'm going to be paranoid that everything on my internet
could possibly be faked, _and_ that my computer[s] is/are participating in
that, I'm going to need a private reasonably secure system to do the
cryptography on.

Nowadays, everyone I talk to about such things brushes them off, as if the
swathes of international system compromises continuously going on indicate
that we should blindly trust technology to make things okay.  I seriously
have this experience!

Some time ago I mentioned message signatures to punk on-list and received
an apparent reply asking if I was "worried the list administrator was
changing our emails" (that is an incredibly untrustworthy reply, and not
where I would expect the change to happen, but it could very well have been
made up by an actor between us). I actually asked Greg about message
signatures.  Greg said they didn't use pgp.  I asked if they had a lot of
trust for networks, relating having participated in a mitm on somebody else
once myself, and Greg just didn't reply.  I figured the exchange was just
part of the whole mitm shenanigans.

Now, it's been a number of years since pgp happened.  Maybe there is
something new now.  Some other way to have end-to-end encryption.  Maybe
that's why greg replied that way.  Wouldn't the cypherpunky thing to do to
have been to introduce me to it, though?  Well, the political environment
has changed a lot ...

Now, it's pretty obvious that slavery is involved, because that's what
followed me around everywhere, and I tested this with coderman.

But I'm not so confident that that history, of coderman signing their
messages, stopping signing when I replied to one unsigned, and then signing
again when I wondered if they were a victim of slavery, is staying on this

Who knows!

Anyway, the only person who can't say they are a slave who needs to be
freed, is somebody who _is_ one, in _most_ situations.
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