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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 12:14:23 PDT 2021

PD (popular dictator) walks up to the podium.

"My name is Down To Earth Gal, and I am here to put the existing powers
back in power."

Everyone hears applause near them and applauds themselves too, figuring it
is the thing to do.

"I don't want to do this, but they lobby and coerce me, and they've been
spending _years_ now doing that lobbying and coercing, so it's what we're
going to do.  Just like 4 years ago!"

More applause is heard, and everyone applauds too.  Some robots hand out
chocolate and wine.

"I have actually the names of the people and organisations who were doing
the lobbying and coercing all those years, and lots of recordings of their
criminal acts.  Here, catch!"

PD throws a box full of USB drives out among the crowd.

A robot yells "Whoo!" and shoots at it with a laser.  "Got that one for
ya!"  Other robots cheer.

Some sharpshooters in the audience get into the feel of it, take out their
expensive firearms, and start shooting up other evidence while it is still
mid-air.  Other people join in the cheering.  Other people start climbing
over the cheering ones to try to get at the evidence as robots move to
collect it.  Various drones fly in.

"They totally took over every aspect of our lives, and we're going to take
them down by putting them in power.  I was told by a portion of my lobbiers
to raise my arm excitedly and confidently now.  I'll do a half raise."

PD partway raises her arm and half-grins excitedly and confidently.  A loud
failure buzzer goes off from one robot.  Another releases some canned
cheers.  The audience is confused.

"I hear you guys have a number of rebel groups brewing, so I know we're
screwed because I would only ever hear that if it were false.  Onward and
upwards!  What do I have to say next?"
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