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I'm sure anyone who's been on this list for a long time has been exposed to
situations being covered up in the news.  News are businesses, need to keep
themselves alive, and what people pay for, and the general climate of doing
business, influences what they publish.

In Occupy, it became blindingly obvious that some things didn't reach the
news.  This was so obvious that we had a number of groups across the
country and the world organising around providing alternative news.  In
Occupy there were newsworthy stories streaming through the camps densely,
but all the news would seem to report was that we were a bunch of illegal
protesters who didn't seem to know what they were protesting.  They would
interview drunks and ignore our multiple daily open-to-the-public meetings.

Then Trump happened.  He talked about fake news.  He hurt people.  I heard
he had it hard as a kid and learned to rise to the top.  Trump was an
obvious, ridiculous cover-up, that is still begging for its own people to
realise it and save it.  His platform was high-tech news.  I would see him
giving different political platforms to different social groups,
micro-managing the local media.

It's strange to have someone call the mainstream media fake news, when
every channel in the mainstream media has them on it.  I was in Vermont
during the primaries, bernie senders' state.  I quite literally flipped
every channel, and none of them had bernie on it.  I tried this for weeks.
The best I could find was quotes of bernie repeated by trump in order to
disrepute him.  I honestly to this day have never heard Bernie Sanders
speak.  It's hard to judge who to vote for in such a situation.  I voted a
third party like most hopeful jaded people do.

I'm sure others had different experiences.  But maybe I'm not sure.  Did
anyone see bernie sanders say anything on television during the primaries?

Anyway.  Trump's people kept saying to use these other well-financed
outlets instead of the fake mainstream ones, which is ridiculous.

I can guess that they didn't understand how few people were able to act on
the fake news expression.  Occupy was big, but it was also heavily and
overtly disrupted, and its disruption then covered up.  The people who did
Occupy are homeless and/or doing other things.  I'm sad to report that many
have gotten business jobs to stay safe.  Occupy was not some huge moneybags
investor -- it was the people of the streets, the churches, and various
other activist efforts working together across the world.  We don't know
how to spawn a media effort.  We got lucky, and worked together like you
can't imagine, surviving solely off donations by visitors, for months and

But now everybody sees.  Everybody in the world saw trump's group splat the
world with how ridiculous the political power is.  It's obvious trump knows
how ridiculous it is, but now everyone seems to have believed his malarky,
which is terrifying.

And a lot of people got hurt.  Many of them people Occupy was trying to
protect from existing harm.

Oh, and we have AI now, can anybody actually use it?  Or is it just like a
scary mask on the wall?

Biden now is gently pretending to be a normal stooge, not an exotic one.
I'm sure both trump and biden pull their best strings to do what's right.
It's hard to learn what those strings are when your media is telling you
that everything is "evil", whatever that word means.
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