[wrong][spam][bugs] git behaviors

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 06:12:26 PDT 2021

I'm mistaking v0.* and v1.* .

I've likely made other errors.

tag v0.9.0 commit 8f35a5c0 2020-10-07
tag v0.10.0 commit a6b2180 2020-10-12
branch v1.9.0 commit 3ac3396 2021-05-17
tag v1.9.0 commit ada7f97b 2021-05-17
tag v1.10.0 commit 764fa9dae6 2021-06-23 origin/releases

I found it.  I have a local branch locally named v1.9.0 that contains
commits on top of v1.10.0 .

I apparently merged something on top of my releases worktree and named it
as an earlier version.

I try (some disappear) to take 24/7 terminal logs, so that may be
reviewable if needed.
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