[wrong][spam][bugs] git behaviors

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 06:02:32 PDT 2021

v1.9.0 is actually after v1.10.0 on my system.
I assume the maintainers did something different from what I'm otherwise

The releases branch showed v1.10.0 as Jun 23, and v1.9.0 as Jun 28.

I then git log'd the v1.9.0 tag.  Its commit was ada7f97 on May 17.  It's
after the v1.9.0 branch of the same name, which has 3ac3396 as its tip,
earlier the same day.

The commit message on the tag shows the tag was made on the `releases`
branch I'm trying to sort out.

BTW you can kinda mitm-verify my asciicast.  Add ".cast" to the asciinema
file to download it and:

{ cat file.cast | b2sum; cat file.cast | sha256sum; } | b2sum --length 32

Dunno if it verifies, I'm full of errors.
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