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This comic is from crev.


A software developer is visiting a fortune teller living in a covered wagon
out in the desert away from town.

Fortune Teller, all spooky: "I see your Rust project ..."

The scene zooms in to the inside of the wagon, lit only by light emitted by
a crystal ball on a table, and a candle next to the software developer.
The fortune teller is peering into the crystal ball, guiding its energy
with her hands.  The dev's anxiety increases.

Fortune Teller, all spooky: "... I see you ... alone ... reviewing
libraries you're using"

 The scene moves in closer to the crystal ball.  The fortune teller also
leans in closer to gaze deeply.  The dev looks more tense and worried.

Fortune Teller, looking hard to tease confusing meaning out of the crystal
ball: "... which recursively pull in more dependencies ..."

The scene zooms in on the dev.  They are sweating, very anxious.  They know
the fortune teller can discern the integrity of their projects.

Fortune Teller: "Jesus that's a lot of dependencies."

# cargo-crev

> A cryptographically verifiable **c**ode **rev**iew system for the cargo
> package manager.

Figure out how to trust your processes before they figure out how to trust
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