USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Jul 1 00:02:52 PDT 2021

Biden batshit insane, constantly angry, lost his brain,
threatens to attack american civilians with nukes and troops,
now doing bizarre degenerate whispering, psychosis clear,
constantly under mindership and notes, lies all the time,
doesn't understand economics, disses American holidays.
Plainly evident before elections to anyone who looked,
now getting worse. Kamala getting failed in public for
every job she's been assigned.  Biden brain gone  Biden brain messed  Creepy Joe Biden  Biden presidency fails  Knowles breaks Joe down Black Republican
Conservative Christians rejecting Dems pandering

"Tree of Liberty is not Water on the Blood of Patriots" - Oh No Joe,
that is not the quote.

Stupid Lying Leftists, Socialists, Democrats say...
the whispering is for cool rhetorical effect.
No, Biden's brain is fucking gone.
Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Psychosis, Anger Outbursts, Blank Stares, etc.

Democracy is, and has become even more of, a joke.
Things could meltdown at any moment, be prepared.  Federalist TV Radio Hour  Biden Racist calls all
latinx deportees Biden Lies about History,
Misquotes again, Threatens Americans  Knuckleheads of Liberty
"Libertarian" podcast  PorcFest Scott Horton w Pete Quinones

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