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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 23:55:19 PST 2021

idea: a post on how to leave the system, modern-era.

maybe it would be nice to include cave networks as an option, in case
you are really actively surveilled.  maybe i can value caving and map
scanning a little more.

On 2/23/21, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> I should also surreptitiously record my therapist, against his
> request, and tell him that I am doing so when I start.  I think this
> would be good therapy for me.
> On 2/23/21, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You guys all need help.  Coderman and cecilia probably need a lot of
>> help.  Razer likely too.  I don't know who else is in your community.
>> It's my job to keep track of you guys, since nobody else is.  I have
>> no idea how to do that, but I'll probably remember about it a little.
>> On 2/23/21, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> When you have to dissociate wildly to survive, if you struggle enough
>>> you can learn to go to places associated with freedom.  You don't
>>> really know what to do when you go there.  You may not even remember
>>> why you are there.  And obviously your slavers will have messed the
>>> place up by the time you get there, unless you kill them first.  But
>>> you know it's good to be there.  And you know if you keep on going and
>>> thinking, that you'll eventually figure it out.  Maybe there's
>>> somewhere better to go.
>>> My therapist doesn't let me record.  Neither does the one he
>>> recommended.  And he discourages me from talking to other therapists,
>>> and said he needs a record of whether I am on meds or not.  I should
>>> find a better therapist.  I should also talk to the advocate more.
>>> And I should hang out in an anarchist community that's real.  They're
>>> all used to being messed up anyway.
>>> On 2/23/21, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> [draft draft draft]
>>>> cleanup worker / formerly gov worker, to
>>>> experimentation-victim-leading-secret-megacorp:
>>>>     [let's go to rebel/spy cafe, we always hang out there] {was boss's
>>>> orders, but given by a rebel}
>>>> [[amnesia around most of this]]
>>>> oh!  this is the galaxy we sent the bacteria to!  the real live galaxy!
>>>>     another life [human expderimentaiton victim] part squeals in
>>>> excitement: workaholic!!!!!
>>>>           [uses cigar-likeness to blow smoke in the face of mind
>>>> controlled state worker and tells them to inhale.  worker is relaxed
>>>> to be among boss again, at rebel cafe.]
>>>> a casual encounter immediately obeys the victims, who occasionally use
>>>> "superpowers" in ways that are similar to normal things but very wrong
>>>> in order to handle their truama (like morphing into a chair with a leg
>>>> missing to hide at being talked to and politely greeted, or levitating
>>>> something that would normally be manually manipulated to make a
>>>> relaxing enviornment similar to recordings of relaxing environments]
>>>>         [rebel cafe-goer treated the mush of organs like a charismatic
>>>> human being they wanted to immediately please] [after
>>>> obedience-to-vivisection-victim-relation with normal rebel cafe-goer,
>>>> vivisection victim tells mind controlled state worker]: "nobody can
>>>> see us and everybody obeys us because we used to be boss's
>>>> augmentations."
>>>> [scene switches to cafe topic]
>>>>     [when dictatorsoft is engaged, the vivisection victims perform the
>>>> work with their body, suddenlyt acting like personal servants and then
>>>> reverting to whatever htey were doing, with nobody minding or
>>>> noticing]

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