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Mon Feb 22 03:56:35 PST 2021

This is from the other thread, that introduced the idea of danger
tags.  I think I was posting this from another thread, from some time

--DANGER [familiar]--
    Cleanup Worker (previously Secretary of State, brains haphazardly
jammed into skull, fewer wires present):
        I need Boss's input on covering up a couple dead activist
computer scientists.

    Human Experimentation Project 2 (odd pile of organs and machinery,
running corporations with nobody seeming to think anything is
different, standing in front of corpse-of-boss):
        Omigod!  It is so cute of you to be pretending to care about
boss still =)
        Do you remember that you are Secretary of State?  What
important business of state is this about?

    Cleanup Worker / Secretary of State:
        Boss, I am your loyal servant.  I will take care of the issue.
For some reason I wasn't told you needed more cigars.  I miss the
smell, too.

    Human Experimentation Project 3 (radically different jumbled
together bunch of circuitry and biology, moving about on its own):
        Rainbow white black silly gruesome!

    Human Experimentation Project 2:
        Yes, do you know how to grow cigars?
--DANGER [familiar]--

On 2/21/21, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh boss, why did you disappear?  I keep yearning to pull from you, to
> know what to do, to know what to think.  I remember [inhibition] when
> [inhibition]

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