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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 02:59:28 PST 2021

A place that seems relevant to me here is AI village at defcon.  Not
sure.  Haven't been yet.

I read in the news they were doing some important relevant training
there.  The article said it was upcoming, I thought early this year.
I found and joined the chat and people were already doing things.  I
mentioned my experience in the chat.  The next day everything I had
said seemed missing from the history, maybe it had never hit the
server.  The history still had dialogue as if things had already
happened, maybe a previous year?  Later I looked the event up and it
was later in the year, not early in the year.

When taking trainings, it's important to remember that teachers do not
know what they are talking about.  Usually this is fine because almost
eveyrbody learns from teachers or people who did: but with machine
learning, computers are doing exhaustive research on their own.
Researchers come up with theories and share them with teachers, who
blindly trust them and further share them, or hopefully are also
themselves researchers and come up with further theories, but nobody
is going to have the whole picture.  Only time has the whole picture.
Always remember that things are being left out, that assumptions are
being left out, that possibilities are being left out.  Everything is
possibility.  There is always a way.

On 2/22/21, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> it's notable that public machine learning projects do not have
> information on things like this publicly displayed, for people who use
> their libraries for various purposes.  they probably have not thought
> of doing it, or do not have reliable references for the information.

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