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On 2/12/21, Peter Fairbrother <peter at> posted outside existing thread:
> 500,000
> Most of us know at least one or two of them by now.


Reported dead worldwide: 2.5M

Maximum number of other humans that each human can "know",
aka maintain knowing meaningful active interpersonal associations
and relationships with, keeping track of the relevance, connections,
status, history, futures, and situation flow, personal and business
combined, as per research studies: approx 150

(In reality, much of people "know" far less than 100, and really
only appear to give an invested personal shit and help about 20
or less that are close family and friends, any number above that
could be pretty much trolled up faux emo talkshow "caring" talk [1].)

Celebrities, Gov Corp Religion figureheads, and other populars
do not count as "known" either since they are not interpersonally
*known* with you.'s_number

So now upsize both those two numbers to give full benefit
of doubt and support to your claim...
- double the dead by 2022
- double the Dunbar

And do the math...

(2.5M dead x 2) x (150 max "know"able x 2)  =  1.5B,
ie: maximum possible reach of the dead out to those they
could possibly "know" with no overlaps among their "knowns".

World population is 7.8B.

"Most of us", again giving benefit to the superlative by choosing
smallest number of "most of us" which is at minimum "half of us",
7.8B / 2 = 3.9B = people you claim that "know" even just one
dead body, excluding the necro-coroners among you.

Survivors "know[ing] at least one or two of them" among the dead
is a pointless comment since 3.9B knowing even any number
whatsoever >= 1 of dead, or among the dead, still implies at
minimum 3.9B dead, which hasn't happened yet.

And will never happen with current variants of this bug since
it appears totally incapable of killing even sub 5% of world pop.

> I am no longer trying to convince anyone of anything

No doubt obviously because even a generous 1.5B != 3.9B.

> just remembering those who have died.

Any such "remembering", crying and wailing, going on there?

Why aren't people "remembering" the 911 dead anymore, or did that
tired old game run out of "we can manipulate people with it" impact.

What about "remembering" the person that got gruesomely
dismembered last week?

How about "remembering those who have died" from OMG terrible
terrible horrible burning car crashes, frightful "terrorists", cancer, heart
attacks, murder, war, lightning strikes, suicide, drowning, old age, etc...

Why aren't people "remembering" them similarly, where are kneejerks
and works for those actually relevant causes ?!?!?!

Here's a billion murdered solely because your asshole politicians
and "leaders", which you refuse to get rid of and learn to live freely
without, decided to *INITIATE* Aggression against Peaceful others...

Here are billions more dead people to "remember"...

150k+ per day fall off globally... tick, tock, tick, tock...

Sewers literally stand waiting in every city [2] for the flood of tears
that people seem to be selectively forgetting to "remember" crying for.

(And has the human mythology of raising reverent cup to those
you *knew* that died such as in battle, somehow now morphed into
"remembering" those you never knew but can now statistically see
dying on the other side of the planet...)

Yet for a few extra weeks worth of global death rate in form of Corona total,
a few "gun" deaths, some protestors in some Govt building... these all
somehow existential fire alarms that must be dealt with severe force,
lockdowns, fine$ theft, debt rape, stripping and confiscating rights
away... get perspective and get real.

Humans die from shit, that's reality, and Nature.

Funny how politicians keep doing kneejerk solutions to non problems,
avoiding underlying true causes, pumping their own power, etc.

Humans are on average... precisely average... with an astoundingly
low median... worthless resource depleting wastes, contributing
nothing... a net loss... outside of evolution itself gambling on ongoing
DNA combinatrics, still likely a loss when starting from such low medians.

Nature has way of eliminate waste from its anus, and sheds no tears.
Some say Nature even builds creatures to build bioweapons
who then purge the waste doing Nature job that way, lol.

Were all but that amount to die from a bug, a fine moment for
humanity to refocus on research to get off the rock, then go infect
the entire Universe with its Human Corona Waste, lol.

At least if repopulating do so based on Freedom,
not more Power, Force, Rulers, and Murder.

As usual per all human history, until each bug of whatever
century dies out on its own, humans have learned to
stay away from people, mask up, etc, whatever each wishes.

But locking down billions of innocent, launching tracking programs
(which all failed btw)... that's some new and rather evil shit rolled out.

All this technology the world has... but where are the opensource
hospital dashboard webs showing occupancy rates so people can
see and self-regulate their own personal lockdown measures
if they ever expect to receive any care for dire emergency.
Where the dashboards for food and material production supplies, etc.
The data so individuals can together at least start to make their own
informed decisions and supports naturally, without force or silly Govts.

Where are the opensource crowdsource orgs proposing for
for prophylactics and cures... these models possible now
for some things.

Instead the world gets Fake Media's, Fauci Heads and the rest of Govt's,
babbling bullshit and rhetoric and stealing power and money
from you for over a year now, forcing you to stay home, not
telling you that you can rise up and tell them to fuck off,
to live better and freely. $Trillions in debt piled up by them for you too.
For what proven benefit to date over any more sane choices.

Yet Corona still running rampant having its way with the planet.

Nature is having fun with you, playing you ;)
And apparently has not yet given a single shit about you
trying to insert lockdown time delays till you get around
to squirting each other with your vaccines.

The Lockdowns don't really have much altruistic people saving
humans cooperating, in their rhetoric, they're were kneejerk brain
panic hyped to resonant frequency levels, perhaps launched
by shady global types. Early chances at better messaging
were squandered and burned, worldwide.

Look at all the global Govt Media bullshit FUD... a total joke, $1000
confiscated from you for walking outside, hugging someone,
giving away food in a park, etc... just read all the endless news articles
on all the hypocrisy and insanity and different "rules", serving little purpose
and effect since day one other than a classic and colossal
game of power grab and mind control over you... multiplied, in this
particular cycle, by their simultaneous rollout of BLM and other Leftist
baloney, sprinkled with censorship, money printing, saviour whoring, etc.

Few words for self-reliance, balanced choices, positivity, data,
education, free individual rational life together, just...

Random chaos.

Peoples bought into the noise and political ploys as usual.
Now their brains and lives are even more screwed to mush from it all.

Lockdowns did no different, even worse on general, notably
economically and socially, than those without insane lockdowns.

Now when mask etc were insisted by heads for over year would save you,
why the hell are you persecuting those who refuse wearing masks when
you can save yourself via variety means, and why you need to have
"Corona Passports" to leave your house.

All the ongoing, and yet more proposed, insanity... for what is now
clearly on average hardly a bump in global death rates, sub 5%
and slowly destined to burning itself out in time.

To give credit, there are certainly some good voices out there,
good communities and regions, doing sensible things together,
in and for freedom, not wrecking things, but they are few.

May the entire global Corona insanity and fiasco be a lesson
in what not to do next time.

In addition to all the traditonal State level actors fucking around,
the next truly nasty bug might literally be made to kill *all* the billions...
perhaps assembled from commoditized tinkertoy knowledge,
maybe even within 50 years.

Whether War, Bug, Asteroid impact, Solar burnout...
people gonna die in greater numbers, guaranteed, nothing you can do.

If human DNA wants to live longer, it best wake up,
get free, and get off the rock.

[1] See also stupid Govt welfare taking over and programming
human charity community out of human DNA and mind since years,
creating more cold humans. Seems a cryworthy shame.

[2] Except for maybe London's, which seem to be clogged with
fatbergs in recent years, Brits can cry into their teacups instead.

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