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Sun Feb 21 10:28:56 PST 2021

--DANGER [familiar]--


== Boss in Nature ==
Mind Control Boss gets out of his hospital bed, nanites running off
the souls of dead hackers reanimating his zombified muscles and
brains.  Boss wants to go for a walk in the park.

Boss walks up to a peace pagoda.  Puffs on a cigar.
"Peace Pagoda, take out my trash," says Boss, furrowing his brow commandingly.

The Peace Pagoda stands there.  Some hippies are reading something inside it.

Boss is satisfied the Peace Pagoda is cleaning the hippies up.
"Peace Pagoda, mind control this corporate interest group."

The Peace Pagoda disseminates peaceful material to the hippies.

Boss knows the corporate interest group will protect his interests so
long as it is being mind controlled.
"Peace Pagoda, take out your inner organs and rearrange them, right
now, in front of me, please."

--DANGER [familiar]--

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