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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 09:07:57 PST 2021

Right now I am of two minds.  Two ideas continue to press my body to
move, and it is very hard to get them to work together.  Oh, that's a
bit better.

I'm working on this wonderful software called brainflow!  I made it
work on android phones, which is a new thing.  Buuuut I haven't gotten
it to work for anybody _else_ on android phones yet, mostly because I
am having trouble putting the finishing touches on my pull requests.

The software is wonderful because it puts different eeg drivers into
one repository, which makes it easier for me to contribute work to fix
bugs in them etc.  More return for investment.  It also makes it more
likely that any work I contribute will help others.

Turns out this wasn't [fiction] in the slightest.

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