[spam] crazy community bag [includes webcomic inside tags]

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 08:03:59 PST 2021

here is a place for crazy concepts to draw from.

i am confused so i am just writing here.

here is a dangerous concept.  it will start and end with the same tags.

--DANGER [familiar]--

I was thinking earlier of the mind control boss webcomic jokes, which
would have flowed more smoothly as prose than web comics.  Here's one:

Mind controlled senator walks into room.  Boss is laying on ground
with tongue hanging out.  Boss's eyes are X's.

Mind controlled senator says to corpse-of-boss, "Boss, I am your loyal
servant, what will you have me do?"

Machine learning researcher 2 has tears coming out of eyes and looks
at mind controlled senator and says, "Boss is dead."

Mind controlled senator says, "What are you talking about?  That
doesn't make any sense.  What does Boss say to do about it?"


Board meeting.  Corpse of boss with Xs for eyes and tongue hanging out
is sitting at head of table.  A hotel privacy tag is hanging over one

Machine Learning Researcher 2: "Boss is dead.  We're not sure what to
do about this, but we've found a solution and we're pretty sure you
will love it."

Mind Controlled Senator: "Obviously, whenever you're not sure of
something, the thing to do is to ask Boss, or he'll torture you
gruesomely to death with his beautiful love.  So, we decided to ask
Boss what do about his death."

Everybody applauds.



(then the secret business and its overt public businesses continue
running as normal, except that all the decisions from the top are made
by whoever accidentally makes it seem like boss wants something.  of
course rebel worker 2 would find their way there, and control
everybody, and rebel worker 2 is mind controlled by a loyal boss
employee who cannot believe that boss is dead.)

--DANGER [familiar]--

oh that felt nicer to write.  i am so crazy right now.  i'm working on
brainflow!  it's great it consolidates ways of reading peoples' brains
all into one open source repository.  great for learning to mind
control everybody.  [JOKING [mostly]].  it's problem is that it
doesn't have a gpl license and its maintainer doens't like gpl.
research platforms have very few developers so they need to welcome as
many supporters as possible.  i know there's been a _lot_ of community
eeg work, but i do not know how to find any of it.

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