Killing Karl

Karl gmkarl at
Sun Feb 21 07:48:16 PST 2021

On 11/15/20, professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:
> Don't you mean ' VOLK "?

I got a reply to my inbox regarding volk.  The first one I noticed in
a very long time.  Here is the PR:

I was doing other work, and this interrupted me.  I was debugging some
rare failures that occur only on githubs ci servers for me.  Hard to

Do you understand this?  I am confused.  You're trying to help me get
back to radios, like I want, right?

I'm a pretty confused person and could use a break right now.  I
really love finishing things, and the control habits always have you
switch gears right before you can save and contribute your stuff.
It's so frustrating.

I hope you are well.

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