Ascension -- No more gov, no more tyranny - freedom, truth [PEACE]

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Sat Feb 13 03:26:17 PST 2021

Imagine if you will, your nation without tyrannical government.

Imagine if you will that our world is now free, that you are free.

What does this mean?

What doeas it mean for you?

Your story is unique, and a product of the Blessing that is you and your actions beginning Now.

You are gifted at birth with certain faculties: a portion of intellect, a portion of physical capacity, emotional temperament and the rest.

Given who you are, right now, how will you use your gift of communication to speak with others in your world?

What will you manifest?

What are the best visions within you which, despite some moderate challenges natural to life itself, that you will overcome and take those necessary steps to manifest, to bring into being in this world?

Fellow Soul, we begin a new era, and it is for each of us to begin, to take stock of our selves and to be who we are, free from the past.

If you doubt, seek.

If questions arise, ask.  There are many fellow Souls in this world wanting to assist you in different ways to manifest your dreams, only that you begin.

Politely step on past those who live in the past, in the old frequency, and do yourself that favour of favours: associate with those who share your spirit.

Peace my friends, and don't hesitate to speak up, ask questions, associate with those of like spirit; we are entering a now epoch, and to each according to the steps he takes.

Much action and many beginnings are being forged on Telegram, and email here is abundantly adequate for those who prefer.

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