John Young is the Lou Dobbs of cypherpunks

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Feb 6 14:37:11 PST 2021

Having the displeasure of knowing this turd for over 20 years - via his postings - I can confidently certify he is a Nazbol Turd of the first order. As examples, in Bolshevik mode he will excoriate Wikileaks as money-grubers and in Nazi mode, call for the deaths of ' 20 million mud-people '.
Fascist scum like this can only discredit the noble cause of cypherpunk which is ' privacy for the poor and transparency for the powerful '.  And fascist scum like this can only blacken further the good name of anarchism.  John Young is not an anarchists arsehole. 

You dishonor this list with your unwanted presence suh!  Do something decent for once and  do a " Plummer ". Join Lou Dobbs and Joseph Stalin. Go die!

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